Route 80 & 81 Towing

Not just another towing company…

Towing Services

Free instant quote when you call. Ride to rental car facility, hotel or bus station, or even an address if it is located in the area.

Roadside Assistance

We can handle almost all roadside issues even in bad weather. 

Auto Repair

Free mechanical evaluation of your vehicle.

Customer Service

Honesty, integrity, and your personal safety are our top priorities.

Our Story

Route 80 & 81 Towing was founded in 2008 by Larry Stroup. Larry has 30 years of mechanical and hauling experience. He has lived in and around Drums for most of his life and knows a lot about the area and the roads. Before founding Route 80 & 81 towing and repair, Larry has had a couple other successful businesses in the same area as the towing company. You can be certain that you have the right person for the job when Larry is called. So call (570) 708-3000 now.

  • Towing Services 90% 90%
  • Roadside Assistance 90% 90%
  • Auto Repair 75% 75%
  • Customer Happiness 95% 95%