Exhaust Repair

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair Services

We’ve all heard a car or truck in our neighborhood that needs a new muffler. But there’s more to the exhaust system than just the muffler.

The exhaust system has three main functions:

  • To safely get hot exhaust gas from the engine out the tailpipe.
  • Treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants.
  • Muffle the engine noise.

Exhaust gas is poisonous. You don’t want it getting into the passenger compartment. For example, carbon monoxide can be deadly. In fact, Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths. It is a dangerous and potentially lethal toxin. Excessive exposure to auto exhaust can cause brain damage and even death. That’s why you should never run your engine in a closed garage. If you have a leak in the exhaust system, exhaust could get into the passenger cabin and make you sick or even kill you. If you see, smell or hear exhaust anywhere but the tailpipe, call Route 80 & 81 Towing for an auto inspection right away.

Your exhaust system is more than a muffler. In some ways it works like a chimney in your house, directing the byproducts of burning fuel away from the people inside. The exhaust system also controls noise and funnels the dangerous carbon monoxide away from the passenger. Your exhaust system also incorporates a catalytic converter which Is used to control harmful emissions generated by the burning of fuel. The exhaust system also provides a certain amount of back pressure that is required by the engine to improve its fuel-burning efficiency and increase low RPM performance.

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